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The idea to produce marbles and stones, Eco-friendly materials, started a few years ago from the intuition that there was the technological potential to design, at an industrial level, a production process similar to the process carried out by nature over geological eras, by processing primary elements (water, earth and fire) to create materials replacing quarry ones.

A team of Torino plant engineers and geologists are studying how to transform natural raw materials such as clay, feldspars, quartzes and minerals into innovative materials which are physically and chemically inert, easy to sanitise, that combine the highest technical characteristics with the natural look typical of stones and marbles as well as easy cleaning and maintenance properties.

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The strong points in environmental and qualitative terms that characterise the production of marbles and stones are:

  • Use of low environmental impact raw materials.
  • Production processes with high qualitative and environmental performances.
  • Reduced drinking water consumption.
  • Reduced processing waste and off-cuts.
  • Optimal waste recycling.
  • Durability over time without the need for particular maintenance.
  • Floor dismantlement.

Reduced drinking water consumption

Water is a fundamental element in the production of marmi classici, and it is used as raw material for the mixture and to clean the plants. Torino has set up two important systems that significantly reduce the impact of water consumption: the creation of industrial waste water (mainly prom plant washing) treatment and complete recycle plants and the creation of an industrial water supply, i.e. river water duly treated.

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The main advantages in environmental and economic terms are:

  • drastic reduction in water consumption compared to the consumption that would be obtained without the recycling process;
  • elimination of any discharge of production waste water;
  • negligible consumption of drinking water.

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